CASE STUDY - Azores Save the Date

Overview: Connie and Michael are getting married . . . 4884 miles away from their San Francisco home, on the Azore Islands. They must balance a desire to have their ceremony witnessed by the people they care about with their love for a region that is as much a part of their family as the people are.

Challenge: The clients requested a "Save the Date" that would inspire their guests to travel a long distance to experience the Azores. They wanted something unsual that would make people as excited about the destination—a rare, quiet and traditional small island—as they were about the event itself.

Solution: Building on previous experience designing invitations for destination weddings, I created a series of travel cards based loosely on "Bay Area Backroads Travel Deck," a product that enables people to carry key travel information in a convenient and attractive format. The color scheme drew heavily on colors of the sea and landscape, offering a kind of preliminary ticket to relaxation and enjoyment.